Please contact us for expected delivery lead times for tables, acessories, upholstery, and towelling covers. These products are made to order.

Aprox: 2 weeks for rehab/gym equipment, or laser therapy systems.

Aprox: 1 week for consumables and gowns (gowns dependant upon stock availability).

Delivery costs for most products will be calculated by the online store before you checkout.

Steens Physical and a few other specialist products are subject to fluctuating delivery charges which will be available upon request.

If you believe that the online store has not calculated an appropriate delivery/carriage cost, please contact Atlas Clinical directly by phone or by e-mail for a personalised quote.

Likewise, if you are an over-seas customer, please contact us directly by phone or by e-mail for a personalised quote.



In the event of a problem, defect, or mistake with an order, the customer should in the first instance contact Atlas Clinical Ltd. directly.

The customer must obtain prior authorisation from Atlas Clinical Ltd. to return defective parts and mistaken orders, or to have repairs performed by non-Atlas Clinical Ltd. personnel.

Where the customer returns a product in contravention of the CONSUMABLE PRODUCT RETURNS POLICY and/or where the customer has no other legal right to return a product:

(a) Atlas Clinical Ltd. will not refund or exchange the product;

(b) Atlas Clinical Ltd. may retain the returned product until the customer pays such additional amount as Atlas Clinical Ltd. deems appropriate for re-delivery of the returned product.



Where the customer has no other legal right to return a product and receive a refund or exchange, then the customer will nonetheless be entitled to return consumable products* to Atlas Clinical Ltd. where:

(a) Atlas Clinical Ltd. receives the returned product within 90 days following the date of shipment of the product;

(b) the returned product is unused; in its original, unopened packaging; with any seal or shrink-wrap intact; with any labels still attached; and otherwise in a condition enabling Atlas Clinical Ltd. to sell the product as new.

(c) the customer has obtained prior authorisation from Atlas Clinical Ltd. to return the product.

Atlas Clinical Ltd. will give the customer a refund for the full price of any product properly returned in accordance with the terms of this returns policy, not including the original delivery charges, or the costs incurred by the customer in returning the product.

* ‘consumable products’ refer to gowns; head roll paper; couch roll paper; wipes; soaps & other toiletries; wedged seat cushions. ‘consumable products’ does not refer to upholstery, towelling covers, treatment tables, accessories, M.R.M. products, Steens Physical products, or any other product that is made to order.


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