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In February 2010, starting with serial number 2565, we changed our standard upholstery width from 480mm to 550mm. Mainframe, RX, Optima, McTimonery, B, and Portaframe tables were unchanged.

Please type in the width of the pelvic section's widest point "B" into the "Enter Uph Width" field.

Please enter the serial number of the table you are buying the upholstery/towelling cover for - this will help us check our records and send the correct type of upholstery.

replacement upholstry dimensions

Vinyl upholstery is impregnated with an antibactericidal substance, which also inhibits the growth of mould and yeast. We recommend cleaning the vinyl with a small amount of luke warm soapy water and then rinsing with clean water. A soft-bristled brush can be used for ingrained soiling.

Petroleum and alcohol based cleaners will dry out the vinyl over time, leading to cracks.


We recommend dusting your leather every week to prolong its life. We also recommend cleaning it every two months with professional leather cleaning products and regulary feeding it with professional leather balm.

Try to keep the table away from prolonged exposure to sunlight, and at least two feet away from direct heat sources.

Petroleum and alcohol based cleaners are to be avoided. Also never use nail-varnish remover, methylated spirits, white spirits, furniture sprays, saddle soaps, or oils.

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